Trike Disc Covers | Wheel Covers

Add speed for the fraction of the cost of a trike disc wheel | State of the art carbon aero disc covers that combine with any trike wheels.

  • Cost per covered wheelfrom £160
  • Weight per set from 180g

Why Trike Wheel Covers?

These custom trike wheel covers can be fitted to your trike 20inch wheels adding additional speed for no extra power. If you have a trike with a 700C rear wheel then please also visit Wheel Covers for covers that fit the rear. For a more integrated solution our AIR System rear wheel is available.

Our carbon covers are much lighter and stiffer than other plastic disc covers currently available. We also have a rubber lining around the edge of our covers to protect your rim.

Numerous tests have shown that a disc wheel can gain 30 seconds over a deep section wheel over 40k. It has also shown you can benefit up to 2 minutes over a standard spoked wheel. However, depending on the model, the time saved will differ slightly. It will also come down to the wheel you are comparing it to as well.

Disc wheels are faster than traditional shallow spoked wheels in all conditions and faster than deep section wheels in almost all conditions. They achieve this by improving airflow around the wheel. This means the drag of the rider and the trike is reduced.

When riding a disc wheel on a trike there should be no noticeable difference in handling apart from in extremely windy conditions. Since the trike can't be thrown off balance by any side forces on the wheels.

Since the disc wheel acts as a sail, strong side winds can actually lead to the greatest increases in overall speed. The wheels can act like a sail and propel the rider forward.

The covers can be easily removed when training, if the conditions are severe or on extremely hilly terrain. Unless the gradients are very steep the covers will always add speed without any extra power input.

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