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Add speed for the fraction of the cost of a disc wheel | State of the art carbon aero disc covers that combine with any rear wheel

  • Cost per setfrom £225
  • Weight per set from 250g

Why Disc Covers?

These custom made disc covers can be fitted to your rear wheel adding additional speed for no extra power. Although these covers are built to be as seamless as possible, for a more integrated solution please see our AIR System.

Our carbon covers are much lighter and stiffer than other plastic disc covers currently available. We also have a rubber lining around the edge of our covers to protect your rim.

Numerous tests have shown that a disc wheel can gain 30 seconds over a deep section wheel over 40k. It has also shown you can benefit up to 2 minutes over a standard spoked wheel. However, depending on the model, the time saved will differ slightly. It will also come down to the wheel you are comparing it to as well.

Streamline Cover.

Elevate Your Cycling Aerodynamics

Designed for the competitive cyclist, Streamline Carbon Rear Disc Covers offer an unmatched blend of aerodynamic efficiency and lightweight strength. By seamlessly integrating onto your rear wheel, these covers not only enhance speed and performance but also improve the aesthetic of your bike.

Aerodynamic Efficiency
The Streamline Carbon Rear Disc Covers are engineered with cutting-edge aerodynamic design to minimise air resistance, allowing you to achieve superior speed with less effort when compared to a deep section wheel. This makes every ride faster and more efficient.
Lightweight Construction
Crafted using advanced carbon fiber materials, these disc covers are not only durable but exceptionally lightweight. This ensures that adding aerodynamic efficiency doesn't come at the expense of added weight, allowing for agile and responsive handling in all racing conditions.
Seamless Integration
Designed for seamless compatibility, our carbon disc covers easily attach to most rear wheels, ensuring a snug and secure fit. This innovative design enhances the overall aerodynamic profile of the bike without compromising on style or performance.
Professional Support and Customisation
With comprehensive support and customisation options available, cyclists can tailor our covers to their specific racing needs and preferences. Whether it's adjusting for different wheel depths or aligning with team colours, we provide expert guidance every step of the way.

Technical Specifications

Our rear disc covers are crafted with cutting-edge aerodynamics to enhance your bike's speed and efficiency. Their lightweight, carbon-fiber construction ensures durability without adding unnecessary weight, while the sleek design provides a seamless fit for various bike wheels, ensuring optimal performance and style.

Aerodynamic Design
Optimised for maximum airflow efficiency to reduce drag and enhance speed.
Constructed from high-quality carbon fiber for strength and lightweight performance.
Designed to fit a wide range of wheels for seamless integration with most bikes.
Offers customisation options on valve hole and graphics after checkout.
Easy Installation
Simple, tool-free installation process for quick and hassle-free setup, using eight threaded attachments.
Built to withstand the rigors of competitive cycling, ensuring long-lasting performance.
Eco-conscious materials and manufacturing process for minimal environmental impact.
Comes with a comprehensive warranty for peace of mind and product support.
Streamline Covers.Streamline Covers.Streamline Covers on rim.Streamline Covers one side.

Disc wheels are faster than traditional shallow spoked wheels in all conditions and faster than deep section wheels in almost all conditions. They achieve this by improving airflow around the rear wheel. This means the drag of the rider and the bike is reduced.

When riding a disc wheel for the first time, it can feel slightly unstable in windy conditions. It is not uncommon to be pushed around in windy conditions, much more than a deep section wheel. However, once you understand how the bike handles in these conditions and how the wind strikes the wheel, you will feel more confident riding a disc wheel.

Unfortunately, disc wheels have a downside, and that is crosswinds. Courses or events that are subject to strong crosswinds often affect the rider using these types of wheels. Since the disc wheel acts as a sail, strong side winds can cause unstable handling and ultimately slow the rider. However, if the crosswinds come at less than 45 degrees, it can sometimes benefit the rider, again acting as a sail and propelling the rider forward.

When riding on the flat, a disc wheel is always going to outperform a deep section wheel. Since the disc is solid and smooths the airflow around the rear of the bike, you will see your speed increase slightly over a deep section wheel. However, in windy conditions (especially crosswinds), you may find our 64mm deep covers to be faster, depending on how much wind there is and the angle it is hitting the bike at. Hilly area over rolling terrain, a disc wheel will always be faster. However, if you are riding up longer climbs, the added weight may cost you time. So, for climbs longer than 3km, a deep section wheel will be lighter and still offer close aerodynamic benefits. Comparing disc wheel vs deep section, you will find that while the disc wheels are faster on flat and rolling terrain, they are relatively slow when you start riding uphill for long periods.

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