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We are Streamline Cycling

We are a Scottish cycling company whose main aim is to make top tier aerodynamics more accessible for all cyclists, time trialists & triathletes.

Developed for any cyclist that wants to be able to go faster without breaking the bank or having to purchase multiple wheelsets for different conditions or disciplines.

Our aim is to deliver high quality components that not only match but exceed your expectations.

Ride Streamline.

Daniel Cain


Aero-Mechanical Engineer & a passionate cyclist from a young age.

"I was fortunate to be sponsored by the local bike shop (Billy Bilslands in Glasgow) and could therefore pick up suitable wheels before a race, time trial or triathlon.

I thought there must be another way of offering the same setup options without the crazy price tag this would have otherwise resulted in had I not been sponsored.

After graduating with a degree in Aero-Mechanical Engineering from Strathclyde University in Scotland, Streamline Cycling was born to try and solve this problem and make aerodynamically optimised components accessible to everyone."

Streamline Cycling offers a wheel system that allows users to alter the depth of their wheelset from the 32mm base rim all the way to a full disc at a fraction of the cost of buying multiple comparable wheelsets.

We also offer custom rear disc options for recumbent cyclists and time trialists/triathletes.

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