An interview with American Triathlete Zach Harner

Streamlining Triathlon

Zach and the Streamline AIR System vs IronMan Boulder

The IronMan

At some point in their journey, every triathlete is faced with the same question; "have you done an Ironman?" Originating on the Hawaiian island of Oahu in 1978 as a bet between swimmers, cyclists and runners to see who was fitter. Completing an Ironman has now become a global phenomenon with events, athletes and calf tattoos all over the world.

Zach Harner and the Boulder IronMan 70.3

We sent Boulder, Colorado based triathlete Zach Harner a set of our rim brake wheels with 64mm and full disc covers for testing while he competed to qualify for the 70.3 Ironman. Finishing his swim/bike/run Zach averaged 44kph over the 90 kilometre course of the bike leg. While impressed with the speed and performance of the wheelset, what astounded Zach was the value and versatility of the Aerodynamic Interchangeable Rims (AIR) system.

You basically get a set of training and racing wheels all in one. People pay 3k for a rear disc alone that they can only use for races, 2k for a front wheel then own another set of training wheels. So like…why pay 5k for wheels you can only race on when you can have something that is faster, more versatile and doesn’t cost anything near that!

Zach HarnerIronman
Zach with AIR-64 and AIR-DISC

Accustomed to the extensive kit requirements of triathlon, Zach found it refreshing to find a practical and value-focussed solution, with equipment that is useable in many situations rather than just a few race days. "You basically get a set of training and racing wheels all in one".

Frustrated with the significant cost barriers to participating in Ironman events, Zach acknowledges that for many, even getting to the start line with decent equipment is a challenge. "There is this void of participation where people just can't afford it" However looking to the Streamline method of interchangeable rim depths he comments "the pricing is just way better on what you're selling with the idea of base rims plus covers".

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