Streamline Development

Streamline Development Stories Ep. 1

The theory and process behind developing the modular and aerodynamic AIR System


The aim when developing the AIR system was to make top tier aerodynamics more accessible for all cyclists, time trialists & triathletes.

Usually, competing across multiple cycling disciplines requires multiple pairs of wheels and incurs an enormous cost - this creates a huge barrier to participation.

With the AIR system, we've made switching between disciplines the simplest and cheapest it could be. Within minutes the AIR base 32mm rims can be transformed from lightweight climbing equipment into a full aero timetrial setup.

Wind Tunnel Testing at Silverstone Hub


We also offer custom rear disc options for recumbent cyclists and time trialists/triathletes. This system uses carbon fibre 2x2 Twill to create the lightest and best quality composite aero cover on the market. Developed for any cyclist that wants to be able to go faster without breaking the bank.

Daniel Cain - Founder

Daniel Cain - Aero Mechanical Engineer