James Coxon

A new 100km World Record

James Coxon undertakes the 100km WUCA record in the Velodrome

Recumbent cycling - A brief overview

Recumbent cycling has the rider sit in a reclined position, with the legs positioned in front of the body, rather than below it as in a traditional upright bicycle. The sport is particularly popular among para-athletes, for whom, recumbent cycling can offer a comfortable and accessible way to engage in cycling activities. Due to the low position and high level of back support, riders can maintain an extremely aerodynamic position for a long time. Enabling great average speeds even over distances as long as 100km...

The Rider

James Coxon of Wales is an esteemed para-athlete with great accolades for his recumbent cycling. Holding British Para 2022, 2023 and World Champion titles in his discipline, there is no rider more suited to the challenge than James.

The Equipment

The gear that James is using for his record at the Geraint Thomas Velodrome in Newport is a custom-built Phantom Mini-T aero trike– Designed & built by Tim Corbett. This is fitted with an enormous 90 tooth carbon chainring from Digirit and the 20 inch AIR-Disc wheels from Streamline Cycling.

James Coxon undertakes a new record

The Record

James was quickly able to settle into race pace and looked strong throughout. James received encouragement from friends as he closed in on the final few laps - trying to hold his speed as long as he could.

James getting cheered on towards the finish line

Final Results

100km done. But what was the time? Coming in at 2 hours 3mins 59 secs, James averaged a HUGE 48.4 km/h (30.07 mph) - smashing the previous record. In addition to this, James completed his 100km over 15 minutes faster than the upright cycling record - highlighting the speed and aerodynamics of James and his equipment.

A new world record with a time of 2:04:03
James Coxon sets a new world record!